Demo Apps


Bullsfirst is a sample trading system built to fulfill Archfirst’s goal of demonstrating how current and emerging technologies can be used to solve real world problems. It is a system of medium complexity whose domain is reasonably easy to understand. Click on one of the clients shown below to experience Bullsfirst.

Bullsfirst PlatformClick to start applicationDownload to iPad nowClick to start applicationClick to start applicationClick to see definitionClick to see definitionClick to see definitionClick to see definitionClick to see definitionOmsToExchangeQueue<br/>Transport: JMS<br/>Payload: FIX or JSONExchangeToOmsJavaeeQueue<br/>Transport: JMS<br/>Payload: FIX or JSONExchangeMarketPriceTopic<br/>Transport: JMS<br/>Payload: Key-Value Pairs

Live Demos

  1. jQuery & Backbone.js
  2. iPad
  3. Ext JS
  4. Silverlight


  1. Bullsfirst Design
  2. Getting Started
  3. Source Repository
  4. Domain-Driven Design concepts
  5. Executable Specifications concepts
  6. Executable Specifications for Bullsfirst OMS
  7. Executable Specifications for Bullsfirst Exchange

Charting Applications

  1. Portfolio Analyzer: Web application demostrating the Highcharts library
  2. Charting Library Comparison: A comparison of Highcharts and jqPlot